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06 December 2015

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28 November 2012


My day's were not promised
There was no guarantee,
Each one was a blessing
Until my soul was set free.

Now I am sitting with Jesus
At the foot of the Throne,
Surrounded by family
In my heavenly home.

Don't weep for me friends
Dry the tears from your eyes,
God's plan for me is finished
I now sit by his side.

My journey is over
On your earthly plain,
But here in Heaven
It's beginning again.

pat sinclair 21 Nov 2012

18 October 2011

observation of love


The words were loud and shrill, seeming to bounce off the walls of the small store. Everyone in the building stopped and looked around. Not noticing, or caring, where the sound had come from they continued their shopping, once their initial reaction was over. A couple of them shook their head before moving on. I, on the other hand, was behind the young mother whose child had made the declaration.

I’ve seen this many times with the same reaction. The mother gets upset and the child kicks and screams louder. Soon the mother leaves her buggy and takes the child outside. Today, however, was different. This young woman relaxed her shoulders and continued shopping as if nothing had happened. By now the child was crying and lying on the floor. She pushed her cart with one hand while letting the other hang at her side continuing on down the aisle. When the boy noticed he got up and ran to her.

“Did you hear me?” he asked, his voice cracking with his sobs. “I hate you.”

She ignored his pleas for attention and continued down the aisle. He walked with her, not saying anything. I shamelessly followed because I wanted to see how this turned out.

Soon he was quietly walking beside her and when she entered the checkout line I saw him reach up his hand and place it in her palm.

“I love you mommy,” he said. All signs of anger gone now from his small body.

She closed her hand around his and smiled. “I love you too, son.” She said.

After paying they left the store hand in hand, a smile on their faces.


This story reminds me of a scripture.

Matthew 18:4

Whosoever therefore shall humbles himself as this little child, the same is the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven.

We can kick, scream, and cry but until we put our lives in Gods hands and let him take care of us we will not find peace.

Pat Sinclair-2011

04 August 2011


Choose your favorite boxed, bagged, or canned food and using all the ingredients write something.
You do have to use all the ingredients.
You do have to use words in body of writing even if used in title.
You do not have to write about the food you have chosen.
You do not have to use them in any kind of order.
                      (Potato Chips)

Potatoes                                         Vegetable                         
Oil                                                 Sunflower
Corn                                              And
Or                                                 Salt
No                                                Preservatives


“My son has asked me to stand in for him tonight,” the lady had to have been in her late eighties, her more salt than pepper hair trying to hang onto an oversized sunflower barrette. She started reading from a piece of paper clutched tightly in her hand, “he has been unavoidably restrained”.

A young woman came up beside her and whispered, “Grandma that note was meant for me.”

“Oh, no it wasn’t young lady; he wanted me to read his speech so you just stand there and behave.” Moving a step away from her granddaughter she started over. “He has been unavoidably restrained” she stated.

“That’s detained, grandma.”


“Detained grandma, he was unavoidably detained.”

“That’s what I said, now where was I? I would like to thank all the represervatives of our company for coming tonight.” She stopped talking as the audience burst out in laughter.

“Representatives, grandma,” the young woman whispered, her face glowing with embarrassment.

Turning, one hand on her hip the other pointing at the young woman, she said, “quit interrupting me, you’re spoiling my speech.” Returning her attention once again to the audience she continued.

“I hope you all enjoyed your dinner, but how could anyone have enjoyed those lumpy potatoes is beyond me.”


“Well, they were lumpy and the corn was cold,” she continued, “the vegetable salad was wilted too. Now for the awards I will turn things over to my granddaughter, Lisa”.

“Thank you, grandma,” Lisa started.

“That’s Grandmother to you, young lady,” she said in a huff as she left the stage.

07 July 2011

The Big Day

Writing prompt: picture of Bride and flowergirl looking out of doorway.


Sun shone through the open window letting her know it was finally time to get up. She had not rested well; the excitement in her built, making sleep almost impossible. Every time she woke she would look over to make sure her dress was still there. It was a beautiful dress, white with hand embroidered roses along the collar, and it was hers. She would wear it proudly today as she walked down the isle, holding her head high; the flowers in her hands reminding her of a rainbow nestled in soft clouds.

She heard footsteps, and the creaking of the door as the knob was turned and it was carefully pushed inward.

“Time to get up, sweetheart”, her mother said as she peeked inside, “we have a lot to do today.”

“I’m so excited,” she said as she jumped from the bed and ran over to hug her.

“I am too, but we need to get a move on if we want to get everything done before the photographer gets here.”

She saw the look on her mothers face and wanted to tell her not to worry. This day had been planned out so well nothing should go wrong. The noise level in the house grew as workers rushed around to make sure everything was set up for the ceremony. She would be leaving soon for the salon to be pampered for the day, along with her mother and sister. Her father would stay home to make sure everyone worked hard to make her day perfect.

By the time they returned home the house was quiet as the workers had moved into the garden to finish. The photographer had arrived and was set up in the den waiting for the bridal party.

While the women dressed, the groom, his family, and groomsmen posed for pictures. When they were done they retired to the garden patio so the bride would not be seen on her walk to the den.

She felt beautiful as she joined the wedding party to have her photo taken. It was a nice chaos as everyone was positioned over and over again. The pictures of the whole party together would be taken after the ceremony while the guests gathered to eat.


Picking up her flowers she stepped onto the runner leading up the aisle to where the groom was waiting. She took one step then another forgetting about being nervous. It was her time, all eyes were on her. Holding her head high she took a handful of the colorful rose petals that filled her basket, spreading her fingers wide let them fall to the carpet. When she reached the front she turned and watched as her sister made her way to join them.

Before long the service was over, the pictures had all been taken, the food eaten, and it was finally time to say goodbye. Joining hands with Becky and Joe she walked them to their car. After being assured they would be home soon she kissed them goodbye then turned to find her mother.

It had been a long day and she was tired. She was proud of her big sister, even if she didn’t understand anything about marriage, and she knew she was happy. The house was quiet as all the guests finally left. Curled up on the couch, beside her mother, she fell asleep.

20 May 2011

Lil' Debbie

There are many Little Debbies
Out there to try,
Like Banana Pudding
And Marshmallow Pie.

Fudge Brownies and
Cloud Cakes will get you by,
Blueberry Crème
Is another I’ll try.

Cakes like chocolate
Red Velvet and Spice
Boston Crème and
S’mores also is nice.

Gingerbread Cookies or
Peppermint Swiss,
Are great but let’s not forget
Pumpkin Muffins and Cheese Danish.

Shortcakes, Donuts, and Rolls
Will not be the same,
Treats, bars and swirl
There are too many to name,

I will have to admit
If you are taking a poll,
My favorite Little Debbie is
Swiss Cake Roll.

Pat Sinclair
20 May 2011

16 May 2011


Surprise me with your beauty

Until your journey rests beyond my sight,

Never to view your wonder, fills me,

Saddens me, until evening comes,

Every night becomes a ritual

Till the morrow when you visit once more.

13 May 2011



Night is dark, unending,
Erie and quiet.
Crowding, pushing you forward,
Toward the unknown.

Rain, cold and wet.
Pelting from heaven,
An unstoppable beat,
Soaking you to the bone.

Fear, deep and disturbing,
Settles over you, around you.
The unknown, closed within the night,
Freezing you in place.

Hope begins to fill you,
Attacking the darkness.
No matter what your day,
Tomorrow will bring the light.

Pat Sinclair
12 May 2011

16 March 2011

Length of Time

Although the days are now longer the year is advancing at a unusually rapid pace.  The older I get the hours of the day seem to be filled with fewer minutes, the weeks with fewer hours and the months with fewer days.  How does a person handle moving at such a speed when the world around them seems to have stopped?

06 August 2010

Celebrate Her

A tear slides gently down her cheek
Leaving a trail to mark its path,
Giving notice of her heart
Remembering years gone by.

She was a daughter
Born into a world full of hate,
Left alone to grow
Into a woman full of love.

Sister to three brothers
Allowing her to be herself,
Giving her room to bloom
Protecting her from harm.

A wife who was loved
Before it was taken from her,
Teaching her an injured heart
Will heal with time.

She is a mother
Full of undying love for her sons,
Support, Pride, and Encouragement
For what they have become.

She is grown now
Having survived half a century,
Living to the fullest
Loving and being loved.

Pat Sinclair 2010